Blix Banner Conundrum

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    Ever since starting my blog i have wanted my banner to display my blog title and “motto” thing, but in the Blix theme it was never an option. So i resorted to creating my own version of the banner by adding the words myself in Paint. But the quality when it was uploaded again was awful, so i removed it.

    Now, when i go the the Custom Image Header option in my Dashboard, if i have the default banner displayed and click Remove text, then Show text, it adds the motto itself! (see here But when i click Save changes, it disappears.

    Does anyone know if this is a bug and it should be able to show it, or a bug and it shouldn’t be able to show it? Any help appreciated!



    The title of your blog and the tagline you create on your General Options page are displayed in the header. It appears you have not yet enetered you tagline in the correct spot and saved it.
    If you go here -> Dashboard -> Options -> General Options -> Weblog title you will see the title of your blog recorded there “It’s a free world baby”. Look down one line lower and you will see Tagline. Now you have the answer to why it’s not being displayed in the header. Type in your Tagline and click “save options”.


    It was there when I opened the options page. But i have removed it, re-entered it and saved it. Still not there. Went to Custom Image Header and removed and added default text again, but still no luck.



    I’m sorry to say that if you followed the instructions I gave you above regarding entering and deleting blog titles and taglines on the General Options Page and they were not helpful then I have no other help to offer you. Perhaps there’s some kind of problem with the theme, or maybe not. Have you tried changing themes? If you do and the problem disappears then you would know whether or not it was a theme related problem.
    The correct size for a Blix header is 690 pixels x 115 pixels. Regarding the image uploading into the header problem you’re having will you please provide a link to the image you created in this thread.
    I apologize for not being able to help you solve this and wish you well. :) I recommend you send in a feedback to staff using the button on the top right hand corner of any of your pages and include in it a link back to this thread.
    P.S. In the sidebar text widget you created you have a spelling mistake “Categories” is the correct spelling.


    I have read other threads with the problem of low quality images after uploading custom headings, i juts assume its the norm. The tag line does appear in other themes i have used, but just not Blix. That is why i asked if it was a bug. But that screen shot i linked above shows that it does appear as an option, it just won’t save.

    Thanks for the spell check.



    Yes the quality of images uploaded into headers is compromised to some degree. I recall forum postings to this effect that must be available through the forum search box.
    I have never seen a Blix blog with a tagline. I just tried to put one in on my test blog and it didn’t happen. I think we can assume that it’s not a theme feature on Blix.
    You’re welcome for the spellcheck link. Does this mean that the one on your blog is still not working? I sure hope not.



    I have the same problem, my tagline won’t apear on Blix. Oh well.



    Blix only displays the name of the blog, not the subtitle/ tagline.

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