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    Hi, I’m thinking of switching to Blix, but noticed that links are displayed differently on this theme — instead of being sorted by category, they’re shown as one long list.

    I do wish this were otherwise (ie, categorised). Am I the only one?

    [edit] It would also be nice to be able to have more say in what order our link categories are displayed. :)



    Moved to ideas…

    It’s up to the theme designer on how they want to display links. Matt and staff have mentioned the possiblity of adding listing options in the links widget. I suggest submitting a feedback voicing your option on that matter. These matters (ie theme concerns and the method of link listing) have already been discussed in these forums a few times.

    Please remember that themes out of the box are editable and theme designers usually design them to be changed easily. Of course though, we can’t edit themes here and there was no way the theme designer would have know that before they created their work.

    [edit] I wish more people would use the search function around here. *shrug* You can’t always get what we want though. :)

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