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    I’ve spent the last few days trying to figure out a CSS customization for making my (admin) comments a different background color so they stand out against the reader comments.

    I figured that buying the CSS upgrade would enable me to do this. But for the life of me i cant understand how. I’ve tried to look at examples of other customizations.

    I have average tech skills, but dont know CSS. I found out how to change background color in CSS, but I cant understand how to “aim” that specifically to admin comments only (leave other reader comments untouched). Look at this long comment tail on my blog

    I appreciate any help. Regret the fact that I spent 15$ buying the upgrade recently (can i apply it towards domain fwding… )



    unfortunately, not all themes apply a class to comments by blog owners. blix doesn’t, so it’s just not possible.

    for reference, i know that sandbox and fauna do, not sure what others do. (you can search around for engtech’s theme review, he might know).



    A quick check shows that Blix doesn’t single out a blog owner’s comments in any way like a specifc css class so I can’t think of any way to do so. I know the themes that do this, the feature is hard coded into the theme as a special class. You would have to edit the theme files to work that out.



    SunburntKamel/drmike, thanks for the reply. How do i “edit the theme files”? I thought that wasnt possible in

    This css thing has proven to be much more hard to do. Any chance I can apply the credit I bought to domain fwding ?



    It definitely isn’t possible to edit the theme files themselves on I would send a feedback to staff asking about the CSS to domain forwarding thing. Only they could answer that.


    oops! simultaneous typing – answer removed



    Heck I don’t even know how to do it. :(

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