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    Hi. I have been using blix and loving it. However, all of a sudden my tabs are messed up (the page tabs at the top). I want a page set up as HOME instead of the blog. Blix comes automatically with a tab named HOME that you can’t erase. Therefore I created an unnamed page and set it to be displayed as the HOME page. Originally it worked perfectly. The unnamed tab did not show up. and when I selected the HOME, the unnamed page was displayed. But now the unnamed page shows up as a BLANK tab at the top of the page. Therefore, there are two options to see the home page. Press HOME or press the blank tab. I don’t like this. I want only the HOME tab present. Do you have any advice to correct this? My site is




    I’m sorry but the url you provided is b0rked. “The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.” If you have a blog that’s free hosted by then post here again. If you have a blog that’s web hosted by anyone else then post to this forum please
    There are two very different kinds of wordpress software


    Sorry. It’s or



    Your home tab works fine for me. When I click on the HOME tab, I get your unnamed post, not a blank page.


    No, my problem is with the TABS. I don’t want a blank TAB up with all my other tabs.


    Member Putting the http in there makes it clickable.

    I don’t see a blank tab


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    I don’t see any blank tabs.
    I think you have made your HOME tab a static page. The page meant for your posts is now called “Letters” and it has your sidebar “archives” “links” and “recent posts” widgets.

    It took me a while to figure out that “Letters” is actually your posts page. Posts are the heart of a blog: updated often with current news, with older entries still available.

    This might help:


    OK, well, then, do you know of a way to adjust the font size so all my tabs fit in one row? They used to be all in one row, but now some are on top and some on the bottow. It looks tacky.


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    Yes, too many tabs at the top does not look good. You can’t adjust the font size of the names in tabs unless you know CSS, I think. But you could use child pages with a pages widget.

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