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Blix template

  1. anyone know why the blix template won't let me hide the text in the header?

  2. I can't get it to hide either. I'll send in a feedback.

  3. Edit: Nevermind

  4. drmike - It was my understanding that the only theme template we could insert a header of our own in was regulus. I have observed that patriotsfan has chosen the blix theme and inserted his own header. What's up? When did this change and how come we weren't told? Or alternatively, did I just miss the bus?

  5. edit: re: my post above I should have also included "connections" along with "regulus".

  6. erm timethief... have you read this??

    5 more themes can have custom headers now :)

  7. Hi cyanee,
    I posted this last night and I read the wordpress announcement this morning at 6AM my time. It's now 7:31 AM where I live and I'm on the forum reading your post.

    Below is the response I left to the WP staff announcement:
    When tagging after a long train of comments like this one it gives one pause to wonder why bother? The answer is, of course, to express gratitude.
    Using patriotsfan as an example I believe no one can complain about the accomodating staff at wordpress. He began complaining that he couldn't have a customized header, a chat room plug-in and a change of the font colour. Well, he got everything his heart desired didn't he? Thanks for being so responsive.
    Hopefully these additional features will remain as a freebie and not become paid for options in the future.
    Thanks again.

    So cyanee I'm joining the train expecting free plug-ins (lol) Where's that chatroom plugin, eh? (lol) And that's only the beginning of my expectation list (lol).

  8. It's not a chat-room plugin :)
    It goes to an external domain.

    Everyone has the same code.

  9. thanks podz - gottcha

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