Blix theme change – are there no more excerpts?

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    Hello. I’ve been using the BLix theme for awhile and liked the feature that when writing my post there was an excerpt box I could choose to put copy into, and just have that automatically show up on the front page as opposed to the whole blog post. I even originally choose this theme because of that feature.

    All of a sudden it seems to be gone. I posted something just the other week and used this feature, did they literally just change this? Anyone know anything about this? All my old posts up until now still have just the excerpt showing, but if I go to edit any of them, it’s gone, I used to be able to edit that part too. It doesn’t show up as an option if I go to create a new post either.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated….I selected my blog, but just in case it’s

    The blog I need help with is


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    The excerpt function still works in my test blog set to the Blix theme.
    Please provide a link to the blog you are asking about, specifically a post where you used the excerpt.


    Thanks for the reply. Here is my blog again
    and I have used the excerpt function in every single post on there :-)

    Good to know it is still working for others, at least I can trouble shoot a little more.



    @harmonyinmotion: Hi. Have you tried going to your Dashboard > Posts > Add Post and verified in the Screen Options on top if “Excerpt” is checked?

    I found that on the Spanish forum by chance a few moments ago. Hope it helps!


    Airodyssey – thank you, thank you!!!

    I never even knew that screen option was even there. As I mentioned, from the very first moment I created this blog a year ago, it was always there even just on Oct. 1st, so something must have changed very recently. Maybe they altered preferences to a new default screen setting or something.

    Thank you, problem solved :-)



    @harmonyinmotion: You’re very welcome. :-)



    Whoa. My Excerpts vanished as well. So glad I found this post. And I didn’t know about the screen options area either. Thanks!

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