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Blix Theme Error Layout css

  1. I am using FF Browser and upon checking the JavaScript Console, I got these error messages:

    Error: Error in parsing value for property 'display'. Declaration dropped. Source File:
    Line: 532

    and this:

    Error: Unknown property '_width'.Declaration dropped. Source File:
    Line: 600

    I don't know what that is. Why is the url changed from http:// to https:// with the "s"?

  2. There are a *lot* of javascript errors all over the wordpress site in the console. I wouldn't get too worried about them.

    The s is for secured http, because you are logged in.

  3. Thanks for the info. Now I'm not feeling bothered anymore.

  4. @knoizki
    It's so very cool that you're trying css customization. Good on you. I'm eager to see the result. :)

  5. And btw, it still has problems. I thought BLIX is the only theme that enables all the Monthly/Post Archives on a single page. Now, it's not working.

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