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Blix Widgets?

  1. I am trying to change the names of some of my widgets. For example, I want "Pages" to be "Site Map". I changed it under the "presentation" tab on my dashboard and I pressed save, but nothing changed. I also wanted to only show 5 of the most recent posts in the "recent post" widget. I changed it, saved it, but it still shows more than 5. Any thoughts?

  2. try again in a few hours or a day's time, and if it still doesn't work, report to feedback by jan 2.

    is your connection fine? i don't know where you're from, but many asian countries are having difficulties with their net connections to websites hosted overseas because of the taiwan earthquake which broke some important internet cable or something.

  3. Lol...No I'm not from Asia and this problem has been ongoing ever since I switched to the Blix theme weeks ago. I only decided to post about it on the forum today. I think it's a permanent problem. Thanks anyway.

    Anyone else?

  4. Your "Pages" widget in your sidebar has a hardcoded display title and you cannot change it to "Site Map". You can create as many Pages as you want, including one called Site Map and it will be displayed under the title "Pages". The only widget titles you are able to change are those for the text widgets that you create.
    As far as changing the numbers within the various "posts" widgets goes, provided you have clicked "save changes" after doing so the changes should work. This may help you with the set up and configuring of widgets.
    If the Blix theme has known bugs then you'll find them here in the theme reviews along with the features. But if the widget numbers are being properly changed, saved and are still not "taking" then that won't be a theme fault. It will be a widget problem.

  5. FWD, when you reopen the widget for editing, are your changes there?

    Are you clicking on the "Save Changes" box when you're done?

  6. Yes.

  7. Dang, that's strange. Hmmm...

    *sigh* Adding the modlook tag in an attempt to get a staff member to take a looksee. I bet Mark's sick of me by now. :)

  8. @drmike
    I think it's better that it's you that makes Mark gag on all the "modlook" tags than me [she said, while fluttering her eyelashes]. ;)

  9. I'm trying to let him take a break.

  10. I know and I was too. I'm sorry for making light of the situation but after your post on "modlook" yesterday I won't be putting up that tag unless it's for a spam or troll report.

  11. Anyone heard of a fix or work-around for this yet? I have the same problem: go to recent post widget in blix theme, change to 3, click X, then save changes, visit site but all posts show (relatively new site). Then go back check if it saved settings and sure enough 3 still showing in the widget. I'll also send to feedback...looks like a theme bug.

  12. Lloyd just posted this a half an hour ago:

  13. A quick look at the theme code shows that the widget was especially hard coded for use in Blix and it's been hard coded to display 10 posts not matter what the selection is.

    I would suggest sending in a feedback and asking if this could be changed to being modifiable. Either that or change themes I'm afraid.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: Yup, Lloyd's post is brand new. :)

  14. I guess you have to take the bad with the good for that theme. Thanks for looking into it and thanks for the clarification Lloyd wherever you are. Guess that closes this issue.

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