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    I am having trouble figuring out how to block an email subscriber/block a particular IP from seeing my site. I need to do both of those.

    I am not an expert on computers but can understand basic things.

    If anything can I just block them from seeing one image or item?


    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot block people from seeing your site, and even if you could block them as an email subscriber, they could just sign up through a different email address, or on a wi-fi network. And besides, IP addresses are no longer unique. Literally hundreds of users can be assigned to the same IP address. This is done by ISPs to keep from having to buy new blocks of IP addresses, which cost $$ and also because there is a physical limit on the total number of IP addresses possible.

    Trying to block someone from visiting your site is sort of like trying to keep someone from walking down the street and looking at your house.

    You can put their email address, username and if they provide it, a website into the “blacklist” at settings > discussion, which will keep them from commenting – at least until they figure out you are blocking them, then they will probably figure out to use a fake email and username. If you put their IP address into the blacklist, you could potentially be blocking hundreds of innocent people from commenting on your blog (actually they go into moderation, they aren’t truly blocked.

    If you want to block them from seeing an image or an item, either set that post to private, or set a password for it. Passwords aren’t very secure though as all it takes is someone putting it on facebook or twitter, or someone passing it to friends to thwart a password.



    If I may ask why do you want to block them?


    Please don’t feel you have to share your reasons if you do not want to.



    Haha, it’s kinda complicated.

    I am a female to male in the process of transitioning. I’m using my blog to keep track of this process as well as using it as a tool to help others in my position.

    My mother has recently email subscribed even though she is extremely against it and has stopped all contact with me except when she makes negative comments about me. She has even posted these as comments. However, I do not approve the comments.

    I am posting scanned documents of different things that have to do with my transition. And the one I am wanting to post now is the document I received from the county court regarding my name change. I simply do not want my mom to see it. She is upset enough about this and I do not want to upset her anymore, nor do I want to deal with her negative comments.

    How do I password protect the image?

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