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Block people from subscribing to me!

  1. cuppacoffeebean

    I am doing a group project and a competing team has subscribed to my account. I don't want them to get email updates whenever i make a new post, is there any way to stop it??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you willing to make the blog "private"? If you enable blog subscriptions by email there is no way to block any subscribers, other than changing your blog’s visibility to “private”. All WordPress blogs have RSS Feeds built-in and we cannot stop anyone from subscribing to those RSS Feeds in a feed reader on any blog set to "public" visibility, nor can we remove anyone once they have subscribed. Unless you change the Site Visibility options (Privacy Settings), the same goes for subscribing to comments, category feeds and tag feeds.

    What happens re: subscribers if you start out with a public site and later decide to make it private?

  3. To disable the follow button > Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Email. But that only disables the Follow button for logged out users and those who don't have accounts.

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