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Block quote and text problems in posting to Pilcrow

  1. It's easy enough to insert a blockquote or any other text to the beginning of a post. But I've been trying to insert things elsewhere in my posts, just for added interest on my photo blog. Once or twice I did succeed in placing text at the end of a post. And again I did it on a post where I had a small image that I aligned to the left, allowing for the addition of text on the right.

    Now, it seems it is no longer possible to add text of any kind other than right at the top of a post. If I try to put it anywhere else, then switch to preview, it won't show up.

    Advice please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. EDIT: I did manage to insert plain text where I wanted it, far down on a long post. But it's the blockquote that I still can't place anywhere except right at the top.

  3. Let's start with this. Which browser and version of it are you using? Have you tried troubleshooting? changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookies - instructions for specific browsers.

  4. If that does not clear up your issue then please post the URL of the post you are having trouble with.

  5. Should I be able to post a blockquote wherever desired? -- in Pilcrow or, for that matter, any other theme?

    ASAP I will post the url of a page that will serve as an example of what I mean.

    As mentioned, I did succeed in the insertion of plain text farther down on a long post. I just can't seem to insert a blockquote anywhere except at the very top.

  6. OK here we go:

    As you see, I have 5 "post pages" here. On P. 5 I inserted plain text. But IMO it would look best if that were a blockquote (I prefer consistency).

  7. Hello again,
    Now I see exactly what you mean. Have you tried editing and switching to the HTML editor and inserting blockquotes there? Please give it a try and see if it works for you and let us know the outcome.

  8. Hi, it's working now! I did switch to HTML at an earlier time and it refused to cooperate. I tried it again, just now...simply changed the quotation on P. 5 from plain text to a blockquote. And it's decided to cooperate finally! Maybe clearing my cache and cookies did the trick? Or maybe, typing in a plain text bit, then adding the blockquote tags around it (manually if necessary). Anyway, now it seems to be working *crossing fingers*

  9. Oh, here is my url for the example:

  10. It looks great now. 'll keep my fingers crossed along with you. Happy blogging! :)

  11. Thank you! I think it will be OK now. And I also think it's safe to stamp this-here thread "resolved." ;)

  12. G'night and best wishes. :)

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