Block search engines but allow normal visitors?

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    I’m building a TEMPORARY writer’s portfolio in Word Press until I can migrate over to a self-hosted site using (for more creativity in templates flexibility, SEO opt., etc.); meanwhile, I need to know if I should chose the option of “Block search engines but allow normal visitors” since it’s only temporary and I don’t want everyone looking at it—except prospective clients of my choosing. Or I could make the entire blog just password protected?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you would make the entire blog password protected, it is as if you opened a convenience store and locked the entrance.:) The latter is more convenient if you’re to allow normal visitors.


    @jennikeast, my suggestion is to just set the blog to private.

    One thing I’ll offer though if you think you are going to get more search engine juice by “SEO’ing” a self-hosted blog, think again. A self-hosted blog will never outrank the same blog hosted here. The wordpress.COM TLD and all the global tags pages make wordpress.COM an SEO powerhouse and very little of they “BS” that the SEO people shout from the rooftops makes much difference really.

    Just sayin’…

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