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Block someone?

  1. Hello WordPress,

    Since a few months, I'm using WordPress to write about me and my husband's fertility-problems. There are a lot of people who are in the same situation who like my blog, and who think it's very usefull because of all the information. Because of this, I'd like to keep my blog open for everyone who wants to read it, instead of making it a private blog. Unfortunately, since 2 days there's someone who leaves really mean comments which don't make sense at all. I have no idea who this person is. My question is if it's possible to block someone. Not just for leaving comments, but for visiting the whole blog. I really hope it is, 'cause writing isn't fun anymore when things like this happen.

    I'm sorry for my bad English, I hope I explained the situation well.

    Samarinda Stevens
    Blog url:

  2. No, you can't block someone from seeing your blog, short of getting a court order and having the police make sure he doesn't read it. I suggest you just put his email and username in the Comment Moderation box of your Settings->Discussion page. When their comments don't go up, these people tend to get discouraged and leave.

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