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    I’ve created the blog
    , because the swedish foregin minister Carl Bildt has blocked me for commenting logged in with my Facebook account.
    The reason he has blocked me is that I am revealing the nastiness in the jewish Talmud.

    He blocked lasse1karagiannis1halmstad and also bellybuttonwatch so I created lasse2karagiannis2halmstad, but the default blog coupled to my email (email redacted) is lasse1karagiannis1halmstad.

    I cannot comment on his blog as lasse2karagiannis2halmstad

    How can my latter blog be the one that shows up when l want to comment on Carl Bildts blogg, so that I can keep on commenting though he has blocked lasse1karagiannis1halmstad?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    No blogger is compelled to approve and post all the comments submitted to their blogs. It’s every blogger’s prerogative to choose which comments to approve and post and which comments to send to the trash. I strongly suggest you get on with your own business and stop trolling and harassing other bloggers with your unwanted comments.


    I am not in a position to “harass” the foreign minister of Sweden.
    He is a “superpower” and I am an “insect”
    His blog is read by foreign powers, and I am just exposing criminal activity
    coupled to the Talmud.


    I think you should talk to your minister in a polite manner, and he will gladly accept you as commenter. Stop seeing yourself as an “insect” would be a good start.

    Whilst the internet may help political activists of any color to get their messages to their peoples, it’s generally overrated for being a useful political instrument.



    I am just exposing criminal activity coupled to the Talmud.

    Criminal activity is reported to the police.




    Hey, buddy! Why don’t you talk ’bout all that on the … YOUTUBE help forums?

    The WordPress forum is certainly the wrongest place for your political/ religious issues. :)


    He also deleated my confirmation that I will never commit suicide.


    No, please don’t do that.



    This is a technical support forum focused only on blogging issues. It’s not a blog and you are not free to use it as one nor are your free to use this forum as a soapbox for your obsessive compulsive addiction to attention seeking behaviors. If you have criminal activity to report and the statute of limitations has not expired on that criminal activity, then go to the police and report it.



    Please note that what all people of this ilk seek is attention. The most powerful position to take with any of them is to refuse to engage them. I’m counting on you comprehending that and cooperating by not posting again please.


    I just want help to continue posting on the foreignministers blog, dear timethief, with my new blog
    this is coupled to the same e-mail adress as my first blog
    lasse1karagiannis1halmstad, which is blocked.

    How do I make lasse2karagiannis2halmstad my default blog when logging in to comment?


    @the OP:

    Go to your dashboard, click on “my blogs”, and then you would be able to choose the other blog as your primary blog:

    Sorry, timethief. But I will shut up from now on ;)

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