Blocked for TOC violation

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    My blogs been suspended for violation of TOCs! I just read them and cannot see what I have done.

    I am assuming they will just reactivate as the suspension is in error. What is really bothering me is: 1) that some sensitive soul has reported me (thought my blog was set to mature) and 2) that readers may think I’ve done something wrong and not return. I found out it was blocked when a reader contacted me!

    I am very dissapointed as I chose wordpress for it’s reliability and quality of content but am now considering going elsewhere.

    Does anyone know how long it can take to reinstate?

    Also interested to know if this has happened to others and the reasons.

    Thanks… hopefully soon to be reinstated acetonescribe AKA Bex Jackson

    The blog I need help with is


    We get to TOS reports as soon as we possibly can. The very best thing to do is to use the contact link in your dashboard and wait for a reply.



    It’s okay – I have fixed that for you, no worries.



    My blog has been suspended for some reason I do not know. I have reported it via the link in the dashboard and the report form in Support. Please I need to know how it can be reinstated.

    Thanks and hoping for a response ASAP.



    Posting here won’t speed things up. Check your Spam folder in your email to make sure the response hasn’t gone there, and wait to be contacted by staff. It’s the weekend, remember.



    Mine got deactivated too and I’ve been waiting 5 days. I think it’s because my email got deactivated because I forgot to update my credit card information and they may have sent an email the first day or two before I figured it out and fixed it. But now it’s fixed and I keep contacting support and am not getting any response much less getting it reactivated.



    Well, we can’t help you. Your email isn’t “deactivated” by WordPress.



    I know that, I’m just wondering if an inactive email address would cause them to deactivate my blog.

    And if anybody knows any reasons why they won’t tell me the reason even though I’ve used the link they provided at least 5 times. Could it be because they may have sent me an email the first time and it bounced and now they won’t even look at it again?

    If you can’t help, it would be preferable if you say nothing at all.



    P.S. I should rephrase that as “if anybody knows any POSSIBLE reasons why they won’t tell me the reason”.



    The only thing that gets a blog suspended is for content. If you email is not accurate with your suspended blog then you have more work to do since they send notice to the email of record for a blog.

    You can review the TOS here:

    As to the exact reason, nobody in the Forum has any say, there are some things that get you suspended quickly with no recourse and other times things seem to be able to be worked out and on occasions errors are made by staff. My experience with staff has been good. They are a bit overloaded now because of all the Micro-softies that are migrating so they might not get back to you in 10 minutes. Be sure to check your spam filter.



    Yeah, the thing I’m worried about is that it took me 2 days to figure out that my email was suspended so I’m sure they sent me an email and it bounced and maybe they won’t revisit it.

    Also, I was having a conflict with a particular person and I posted his full name (including middle initial) and called him a jerk and an asshole and stuff like that. Could that have gotten it suspended?

    I also admit that I posted 3 comments on somebody’s blog who had asked me not to post any more comments. Could that have done it?



    Please do not post repeatedly and start new threads. As we’ve said, nobody in the forums can help you.

    Staff do not suspend blogs for interpersonal drama, unless it exceeds the bounds of legal behaviour. If that person had a restraining order against you and you continued to post comments, then you have the suspension coming. Otherwise, it’s not related.



    I’m just asking for opinions raincoaster and I’m getting some useful advice here so you’re wrong about nobody being able to help me.



    Well, I got tired of asking them why so I just deleted it and exported it to a new blog. I only had 1,500 views after a year anyway. I think I’ll try again and see if I can do a little better. Thanks for the chat, rain. You gave me some good thoughts even though you kept insisting you couldn’t help.




    “TOS Violations & Blog Suspension” need to be taken up with staff and only staff via the contact link on the dashboard via the message staff leaves when a blog is deactivated… Volunteers can not and will not help with these such matters… If you don’t see such link on your dashboard you can contact staff via this link →

    I am closing this thread to future replies in hopes the message is clear to contact staff and to discourage posting about such matters here in the forums…

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