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Blocking an IP/Resolving Stats problem?

  1. It just started the other day, but I've been receiving a bunch of hits on my blog from a bot. It's from the same country, same search engine, same search term, and ends up at the same post on my blog. While it is nice to see my views rise exponentially, it is a bit annoying because it overshadows everything else on my blog and skews how to interpret my views and which areas on my blog are doing well.

    My question for WordPress is simple: Is it possible to block the IP that's been hammering my site? And is it possible to remove those search terms/views from my site to return it to its accurate totals?

    Thank you for your time and support. I appreciate it.
    Blog url:

  2. Staff can help you with this. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. Thanks for the reply. It isn't an urgent issue, but I am hoping it can be resolved as soon as possible.

  4. No, it is not possible to block a specific IP, as we do not track IPs in stats.

    Are you referring to the 2,000+ results for "Anime Classroom Silnt" from Yahoo Image Search?

    If so, these are valid views from multiple countries.

  5. Thanks for the reply.

    I suppose it makes sense that you're not able to block IPs since you don't track that information. Thankfully, the problem seems to have resolved itself, and I haven't received anymore of those hits for the past few hours.

    I am surprised to see there are multiple countries behind those search hits since it seemed those 2000+ hits were from one source. You mentioned that these are valid views, so I'm guessing it would not be possible to remove them, but I'm curious if there is so may to modify it. I realize this is becoming more of a personal preference, but I figure there's no harm in asking whether it is possible or not.

    Thanks again for you effort.

  6. Most were from the US, but not all.

    I'm curious, how are you determining that they are from the same source? We don't have any tools for that available on the user's end.

  7. After noticing it on the first day, I began tracking it once the day turned over (since all the stats start at zero) and noticed there was a pattern for the first half-hour or so. I just applied that pattern to the who situation and figured it was all from one source. There is no way for me to track any individual hit, so I just tried to apply a pattern from what information I could gather. I didn't suspect that the views from the same search engine and search term would be coming from different countries, however, so it looks like my method was wrong.

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