Blocking certain subscribers?

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    I’m just wondering if it’s possible? There is someone that somehow found out that I had a blog to begin with, and I was trying to keep it personal from this lady. She subscribed, but I have now removed her. Is it possible to keep her from re-subscribing? Thanks for any help!
    P.S. I’m sorry if this has been asked by someone already. I tried to search for it, but no luck there. =(

    The blog I need help with is



    No, it is not possible. You can set your blog as Private, but then you have to hand-invite all your readers.


    And there would be 35 maximum unless you bought the unlimited private users upgrade.

    Such is the challenge of having a public blog and trying to stay “anonymous.”


    Yeah, I kind of figured that’s what the answer was, seeing as I couldn’t find anything on that topic. Oh well, I really don’t appreciate this stalker, but I guess there isn’t much left to do. I mean, this lady is *CRAZY* She will literally drive across the country to find me. :-/



    If it’s that serious, let the police know.



    And, uh, NEVER blog under your real name if you have an active stalker. Pick “Skippy the Klingon” or something. It’s too late for that one blog, but if you abandon it, get a totally different email and open a new username and blog, there’s no particular reason she should find it unless you do something like use her real name, post the same stuff as in the old blog, etc.


    I know of a police officer, and I told him about the situation. He says that it’s pretty much of his hands, because this stalker in a different state. I kind of feel like they don’t want to deal with it, unless something happens, you know?
    Good idea about the name change, although I think that someone close to me has given this “stalker” my blog information. Trouble is, I have to narrow down who I might think it is and boot him/her off and out of my life, too.
    But here’s another question:
    I switched my blog to Private. Do my current subscribers remain subscribed? Will they still get the email when I post?

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