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Blocking individual followers

  1. I've read already that there is no way to block or delete individual followers; my problem with this is multifold, even though I already found a workaround for my particular issue.

    First of all, I run a blog used by students. The fact that a porn site or otherwise unacceptable site can follow me through their Gravatar profile (thus making them unreportable to WordPress), and that I can't do anything about it, is ridiculous. Again, I've already solved the problem, at least for the moment, but it's still unbelievable that I can't control access to my blog without making it private. I understand that anyone on the Internet can see and read a public blog – after all, that's what the word "public" means, no? – but that they can subscribe to one, without the approval of the blog's owner, isn't right.

    Now, that might be okay, if making the blog private actually did anything to change the contents of one's follower list, or give one the ability to do so, but it doesn't. Yes, I understand that now only those people whom I have invited will actually get to see posts I've made, but what I need is the ability to make sure that follower is off the list. If I could at least use a temporarily-private blog to pare down inappropriate or otherwise unnecessary followers, that would be a big help.

    And even that could be enough, except that this doesn't seem to be acknowledged as a problem. Every user I've seen bring this up is told that this is the definition of a "public" blog and that you just have to put up with it because your blog is on the Internet – which is strange, because other bloghosts do permit you to block certain people from following your blog, even if it's a "public" one. I know, because I've been looking at how other hosts deal with it. So it's a bit insulting to be told that it's just life when it doesn't seem like a particularly outlandish request.

    But even that wouldn't be so bad if WordPress at least had an easily findable way of giving direct, private feedback to their staff. Yet this doesn't seem to be the case, at least for those of us who don't pay for email or live-chat support. I realize there are millions of WordPress users, but I don't think it's too out of bounds to ask for a way we can easily find to contact Happiness Engineers and let them know what problems we're having directly.

    (In case you're interested, the way I solved my problem was by making myself the only Administrator-rank user on the blog. But – and I say this one final time – I shouldn't have to recur to something like that for this tiny a problem.)

    Once again, I don't care if any person or bot or whatever-it-is that looks around cyberspace can drop, and does drop, by my site on occasion. I just don't want them on my follower list, and I don't think it's asking too much to have the ability to make sure they aren't.


    The Morales

  2. I agree with you 100% and I have tagged this thread on the same issue for Staff just an hour ago

  3. timethief,

    Thanks for the support. I imagined I wouldn't be the only one with this problem, but I figured most of the threads would be support requests rather than explicitly asking for the feature.

  4. have you seen this response here?

    I refuse to accept this situation as a suck it up and shut up one. I do believe for s single moment that our developers are incapable of providing us and an exclude from widget display (My Community) option. I expect support staff to boot this up to our developers and have them act on it ASAP.

  5. I had seen the thread, but not the specific response.

    I did notice the number of threads about this exploded today. Perhaps this is a major change that will get the attention of the developers.

  6. I did notice the number of threads about this exploded today.

    I see only two threads on this issue today - no explosion.

  7. I see only two threads on this issue today - no explosion.

    I saw four different ones, all for the same reason, after I posted this. Mind you, perhaps I should've said relatively exploded, given that other threads on blocking followers seemed to be months or weeks apart.

  8. Hi! I've addressed the issue in this thread:

    Please post any follow up questions you may have about it from there. Thanks!

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