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    I’m currently administering the page but previously opened up another blog with the name (phew), which I’m not using. Nevertheless, if I search for it in Google (typing “regenerating intermediate landscapes” or just “intermediate landscapes”), the old blog shows up instead of the new one in the search engine. I tried making it private but that doesn’t prevent it from being indexed just accessed. I don’t want to eliminate it in case I ever decide to use that name again, and I tried removing it with the Google elimination tool but it asks me questions I dont know the answer to!! Why is this happening and how do i make it stop!

    Help please!!


    The blog I need help with is


    btw what i find strange is that the old blog shows up despite having much less activitity, content and visits than the current page… confused…



    Hi. You did the right thing in making the old blog private. However according to this I found, it can take several weeks for Google to adjust itself:


    Since the old blog has presence in Google, one way to take advantage of that would be with the site redirect upgrade here which would automatically redirect all of those old links to your new site. Since it is a 301 permanent redirect, within 3 or 6 months, the search engines should purge all those old links, and all the search engine ranking you had built up with the old blog would transfer over to the new one.


    Sorry, I forgot to give you a link: .


    thx guys. i don’t really want to purchase an upgrade for something that will probably happen naturally over time, but it would be nice if there was a simple way to go about this!

    thx again =)



    Depends on how valuable visitors are to you. Seems to me one landscape job would pay for the upgrade and then some.


    i just realized my user is also linked to the old address. im trying to find where to associate the new address ( to my user (intermediatelandscapes). a bit off topic…but help is appreciated.
    thank you


    found it….

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