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Blocking right-click

  1. I'm wondering if there is a way to block someone from right-clicking on an image in my blog. Does anyone out there know?

  2. a way to stop people from using your images is to place watermarks on them. they can save the images but your watermark makes it almost unusable elsewhere.

  3. i don't know how to disallow right clicks, but if someone really wants your image, all they have to do is a screen capture.

    The watermark method sulz mentions is the best way to deal with this. You will have to do it with image editing software such as photoshop or gimp.

  4. There are free watermarking programs you may wish to check out here

  5. If you put an image on the web, it's highly likely it will be copied and used without your permission regardless of what you do. There are just too many misguided people out there that believe anything posted on the web, is free for the taking. If your photos are important to you, either watermark them using the program timethief recommends, or don't put them on the web.

  6. In the 'traditional' sense, the stopping of right clicking is done through 'javascript' that isn't allowed on blogs. As others above have posted, even with it, you just deter, but don't stop people from taking the images. So, to answer your original question, I am afraid not ;)


  7. I've done a blog post that includes links to free watermarking and image caption generators and programs Watermark Your Blog Images

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