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    i’m wondering how to block one of my blogs from any traffic whatsoever? recently i changed my focus to another of my blogs and so changed the privacy on my first blog to private, which states that it blocks anyone from viewing it other than people i invite. but than i keep having people view my blog on a daily basis? how can i change that? is there something i’m missing? please help. i even wrote my domain into google and it came right up and wasn’t blocked from the public eye at all. please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    For starters we need the URL of the blog in question beginning with http before anyone can give you accurate advice.



    Google will index any blog that’s public. When you take a blog that’s public and set it to private, Google still has a record of it. You can contact them and ask them to delete their cache or you can just wait and in a few months it’ll be gone.

    If you’ve set your blog to private, nobody can see it. Don’t worry about that. If some people have the URL, what those visitors are seeing is just a page saying the blog is private. That counts as one hit. But they can’t read the blog.

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