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Blockquote is not displaying correctly

  1. I use the following CSS code to style my blockquotes:

    blockquote {
    border-left:10px solid #ccc;
    margin:1.5em 10px;
    padding:.5em 10px;
    blockquote:before {
    blockquote p {

    The first blockquote looks great, but if I add more blockquotes on the same page, only one single quote character is displayed.

    You can see the result here:

    Can anyone help?

  2. I just noticed that it is displaying correctly in IE, but not in FF :(

  3. On my blog, blockquote is now not working at all via the button in the visual editor toolbar. The button just doesn't respond. This is in all browsers on a Mac. Has been the case off and on recently, and today looks permanent.

  4. Hi brittatobi. Context is important in a case like this. Can you please post a link to your blog so someone can take a closer look at a live example?

  5. @brittatobi, can you provide a link to your blog so someone can look at a live example of the the blockquotes you're referring to?

  6. @davidderrick, that sounds like a separate issue. Can you please try refreshing your edit page and trying again and also check to see if the same problem happens with an alternate web browser? Once you have done that, please post a new help request with all of the details at

  7. @brittatobi, try changing this part:


    To this:

    quotes: "\201C""\201D";

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