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Blockquotes with Duster theme

  1. Hi, I'm testing out the Duster theme and came across the following while reading up on some of the theme's features:

    "You can also dress up your posts by pulling images or blockquotes into the margins with a class of “pull” and “alignleft” or “alignright”. With blockquotes you can also add a class of just “pull” if you want a more dynamic blockquote that extends out on both sides."

    I don't really understand what any of this means. Can anyone clear it up for me? I would really appreciate the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It means special blockquotes created in the HTML editor by changing the code from this:
    <blockquote>TEXT HERE</blockquote>
    to one of these:
    <blockquote class="pull alignleft">TEXT HERE</blockquote>
    <blockquote class="pull alignright">TEXT HERE</blockquote>
    <blockquote class="pull">TEXT HERE</blockquote>

    Images too can be placed in the margins by changing this part of the image code:
    class="alignleft [etc]
    to this:
    class="pull alignleft [etc]
    (Same thing for alignright.)

    PS Please link to your blog when asking questions, or make your username link to your blog.

  3. PS2 Should the average user be expected to understand the paragraph you quoted? No.

  4. After creating the blockquote, you would switch to the HTML tab and then in the opening blockquote tag you would modify it to the following:

    <blockquote class="pull">


    <blockquote class="pull alignright">

    You can see a regular blockquote, a pull, and a pull alignright here: .

  5. Should have refreshed.

    G'day Panos!

  6. Morning!
    (Hope you agree with PS2.)

  7. I absolutely do agree with PS2. 99% of people would read that paragraph and go, what?

  8. Wow, thanks for the great responses, guys. I really appreciate the help.

    Another question: I read it's possible to expand the search bar at the top of the Duster theme. How do I do this, and is there any way to dress up that top bar or just make the blog title bigger?

    My blog is, by the way.

  9. You're welcome.

    You don't expand the Seatch bar, it expands by itself when you click and type.

    To change font sizes you need the paid CSS upgrade.

  10. @chasmang @panaghiotisadam Thanks for pointing out the failure of the Duster documentation to properly explain that feature! It's been updated.

  11. You're welcome, Ian - although only chasmang deserves the credit for this!

  12. Another question: I can't seem to change the title of the Aside articles to the left. It currently says "Ephemera," which is what I originally named it to test it out. I've changed the title, deleted the widget, and tried again, but it still says "Ephemera."

    Any ideas?

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