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Bloegetery or WordPress??

  1. Which one is better?? I think they both have their ups and downs. Example...

    WordPress: It has ways to put posts under menus
    Blogetery: Doesn't.

    Blogetery: Has a lot of better themes and it has plug-ins.
    WordPress: Doesn't.

    For those of you who know WordPress and not Blogetery or vise versa, sorry, but for
    those who do, I would appreciate your responses. Also, if you have any answers on
    how to get other themes from Blogetery or other sites to WordPress, please let me
    know, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. By definition, everyone here has chosen

    As I explained in the other thread, WordPress does have over a thousand themes and plugins, but not WordPress.COM. And as I also explained, external themes cannot be added to blogs.

  3. Ok, thanks for your help :) I just wanted to take a poll lol :P

  4. Anyone here is going to say wordpress is better. That is why they are here and not at blogerty.

  5. Point taken lol.

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