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    Can anyone tell me how they got people to look at their blogs.



    Do a search of the forum; there are over a thousand tips here already, some of them on the front page of the forum right now.



    We are discussion that in this thread Come and join us.



    from @timethief

    The Golden Rule of Networking is: Give before you expect to receive.

    If you want readers then become one – first. If you want comments on your own blog then comment, comment, comment on other blogs – first. If you want others to promote your blog posts throughout social media and social networks then promote their posts – first.

    Cool hints to admore, good luck.



    Neckrow – you’ve not actually posted anything yet, except Hi. I’m here. Even your About page is blank – you should use that to tell people about yourself and your aims for your blog.

    You need to add content to your blog, otherwise no-one will come because they have no reason to, and the only way to do that is settle down and get writing. Give people a reason to come, and they will – eventually – it won’t happen overnight. But right now, even with TT’s excellent advice, it’s not going to happen.



    ronsrealm is correct. As well as having a blog without post content, you have no blogger’s profile posted on an About page, and no blog description either. Readers rely on these two latter items to ascertain what the blogger’s expertise is when it comes to the subject matter in the blog. The subject matter in the blog description as well as the tags used allow readers to know what to expect in terms of blog contents.

    In blogging content is king and promotion is queen. Until you have published an archive of high quality posts with unique content your blog will not attract many readers. The readers that do find it will not find any posts at this point or even a blogger’s profile and blog description. I believe that means they will click in and click out never to return again.

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