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  1. How to edit my blog to amend typo error

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where is this "typo" located?
    If it's in a post or page then see these:
    edit posts screen
    edit pages screen

  3. Under Dashboard in My blog

  4. I'm sorry but that still doesn't clarify what your are referring to. Is it a typo in a post or on a page?

  5. neither, I check the page and the post both are empty. Its my welcome post. the very first post I type on my homepage.

  6. This?

    This websites is created to post pictures

    Dashboard >> Pages >> About

    It helps to be a little more specific when asking for assistance.

    I also don't recommend posting your email address publicly like that.

  7. Actually, it's

    Dashboard >> Pages >> All Pages >> About

  8. I know how to get there, how do I edit this or delete it to make changes.

  9. Hover over the page name and click "Edit"

    Really, it's not rocket science.

  10. I reblogged it but the original is still there and the latest never got updated.

  11. You cannot edit a reblogged post because it's not your post.

  12. timethief, the welcome post is mine and i am trying to delete this and replace with another new one. Its located under home the very first post you seen when you get in my website. please help.

  13. notawoodpecker, I am new to this. its my very first post to this website and I have make an error and all I am asking is some assistant.

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