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  1. I'm new and it's taking me a while to figure it all out. I'm confused about how many blogs are allowed on your own page. At other sites you have to put in the number of blogs you want visible, for instance 20. Am i missing it or do ALL the blogs show when you view your own page? Is there a limit?

  2. Can we have a link to your blog please?

    And by "blog" do you happen to mean "post"? Because your question doesn't make sense otherwise.

  3. "Blog" is a Britishism for "post" so probably.

  4. Yes Blog means Post where i come from..we are after all Blogging on a Blogging i said i'm new, only been here a day so don't know what you mean by adding a link..perhaps you could be a little kinder to new people and realise we all have to learn..i assumed my name that is on the first question i sent would be the link.

  5. pornstarbabylon

    Do you mean a blogroll on your sidebar showing your favorite sites to go to like friends' sites or random like CNN?

  6. Hahaha now this is getting silly..i asked what i thought was a simple question and expected a simple answer..not the case..i'll try and explain again...on my own blog how many POSTS can i there a limit?...and how many show...for instance if over time you added 100 POSTS would you have them all on your blog page and so have 100 in a row to scroll down or is there only a certain number that show and then you have to view them in your categories...i know i'm Welsh haha but surely SOMEONE knows what i'm asking..PLEASE!!

  7. You can adjust the number of posts displayed in the Settings->Reading menu. It is your choice as to how many you want to display. In most themes (though I am not sure about all) there will be a link at the bottom that says something like Previous Entries which will take you to another page with your earlier entries. This other page will also only display the number that you specify in the Settings->Reading box.

  8. To set up a link to your blog that is "clickable" you have to go into Users->Your Profile and fill in the website box. Use the format for it to appear. Replace the yourblog part with whatever name you have chosen for your blog.

  9. Thank you so much for answered my question simply and without sarcasm..i have just changed the number of posts to be displayed on my page..which is what i, THANK YOU...x

  10. @raincoaster, I'm British and I've never heard that before.

    @talakachina, you can post as many times as you like on your blog. There is a default setting (I think 20?) that will show on your front page. You can set this number to whatever you want as bazaarofdreams has said. There are usually (but it may depend on your theme) links to older posts at the top and the bottom of the page. Readers will also be able to find older posts through category links and the archive widget.

  11. rosclarke thank you also..i was begining to think everyone was nasty..i was made to feel stupid for using the word blog..and i found the reply from @raincoaster offensive and sarcastic..there ARE nice people here after all...Thanks..x

  12. You're welcome. Just so you know, it does really help the volunteers in the forums if you post a link to your blog (the url starting with http) when you ask a question.

  13. @talakachina, when volunteers here run across a term that they don't normally see used in a certain way, we try to find out from the person what exactly they mean so that we can give them the correct answer. Banner is another word that can trip many of us up since the first thing that comes to mind when we hear it is "advertising". Again, we have to ask questions to see if they meant advertising, or if they were talking about putting an image across the top of their blog. One they can do, and one they cannot.

  14. Nobody was nasty to you. I was responding to Lizii. Lizii asked for a link to your blog to ensure that our suggestions apply to you.

    I suggest you learn not to take offense where none is intended, or you will find your time online becoming quite unmanageably dramatic very, very quickly.

  15. Yeah cool...i just assumed i'd get a reply here and that my name that is on the left is the link!!!...oh, i've lots to learn but i'm not sure i'll ask anything again haha i'll just stumble blindly through and hope for the best...thanks though....x

  16. @talakachina - recap:

    - Nobody was nasty, offensive or sarcastic; they were just trying to clarify things. The only nasty remarks came from you. Since you are such a new member, I would suggest you browse through the forum a little bit longer before making any other unjustified assumptions on our general attitude again.

    - No, your nick is not a link unless you make it be one (see the sticky "8 Things to know"), not everybody has one blog only, not everybody's nick is also the blog name, and we're not supposed to try find that out. Note that staff has access to your dashboard, so they can see your blog(s) anyway; we volunteers cannot.

    - We always need the link to the blog in question, first because we must make sure our answers would apply (we get a lot of visits from non wp.COM bloggers), second because often we need to see the blog itself (including its source code) in order to suggest a suitable solution. That might be either because someone experienced must look at things to pinpoint the problem, or because the blogger cannot describe things accurately or misunderstands symptoms and causes.

    - Half of your question was how many posts you can have in your main page. As answered by bazaarofdreams, you set that in Settings>Reading. And it doesn't apply to your front page only, it applies to all blog pages (e.g. a page of "previous" entries, or a category page). You can set any number you like, but it's better to keep it low in order to reduce unnecessary scrolling, also if you have material that will affect browser loading time (many images, videos etc.).

    - The other half of your question was how many posts you can have in total. As answered by rosclarke, that's unlimited. The 3GB limit of a no-upgrades blog refers to uploaded files, not to posts.

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