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  1. Hi everyone.
    Just wanted to plug my blog about technology, society and gadgets. My latest post is titled 'India Online: How the Fastest Growing Economy is Powering the Fastest Growing Communications Industry'. Head to my blog to have a read
    ALL feedback is welcome.

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've just written a piece about British cinema. It's titled British Cinema Should Stop Talking Down to its Audience. My blog is generally about the relationship between technology and culture/society so this is a bit of a departure from the norm. Let me know what you think.
    I've been on wordpress a little while now but find it difficult to discover and keep up with new niche content, what tools do you use to find new content, do you folks find it through these forums or through the search options?


  3. Welcome to WordPress, and I have subscribed :)

    I use the available tags OR the forums to browse for things that interest me, but you can also search your own key words at the top right if that helps too. The tags page is especially good because each major topic, for example "technology" has its own page where the WordPress team select the best articles to put up.

    Happy writing!

  4. Thanks for the advice @element119 . I think I just need to spend more time building a network of blogs surrounding my interests, then visit them regularly.

    Thanks for subscribing :)


  5. Just wanted to show off a new post that I wrote after visiting the gadget show last month. It's called "New Uses for Wireless Electricity" and it's over at
    It's about the latest wireless technology coming to the market and what sort of things we can expect to see in the future.

    Would love some feedback on this one :)


  6. Hello fellow Brummie :)

    You have a good blog there. Keep it up!

  7. Hello! Same goes for your blog! Love your Hitchhiker's Guide post. If you're into sci-fi you should read some Arther C. Clark if you haven't already. It's a little more serious, (and nerdy) than Adams. It's very enjoyable though.

  8. Thank you for the suggestion, It shall be added onto my list.

  9. I also blog about technology and really enjoyed your posts. I've subscribed, remember to compress your images on 'New Uses for Wireless Electricity' as it is very slow to load.

  10. Thanks for the advice! I'll fix this now.

  11. Hi Everybody!

    I've just updated my blog with a post called "How Technology is Teaching the Market to Treat Us Like Individuals". It's an aggregation various ideas that have been floating around for a while about how we are becoming more attuned to personalised products and how these products are becoming a reality. We all have a very distinctive online personality and I think that soon this vibrant image will translate into the 'real world'.
    Let me know what you think at

  12. Hey all. Just updated my blog with a post about how different operating systems are linking devices in new and exciting ways. Would love some creative feedback. Thanks.


  13. Just to let you all know there's some updates to the blog over at, there's a nice little post about Windows 8 and Lion which has been getting some attention, you can read it at



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