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  1. I had this blog earmarked now i can not access it --is it gone??
    The blog::: Your californiam unemployment extension. in english this time.

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  3. Can you log in using this link?

  4. No-- can you access the link above???? before I had it emarked and just click on it and i was in-- i did not have to log in at all??

  5. You have set the blog to "private" and must provide your log-in information to access it. Simply type in your username and password

  6. I can't access it either.

  7. Please be descriptive. Exactly what happens when you click that link.

  8. Nothing happens--I click on the linki to the blog i provided above and then i get the log i page --i type my user name and password and he brings me to the page for me to start a blog.
    This page was good for access until Sunday afternoon and then no more--how was it set to private???


  9. In addition to above I was just a frequent reader of this blog--it was not my blog.
    Now do you have a reason???


  10. I can t find this page either .......whats up with this ???

  11. I was a frequent reader of this blog also, many were, how come I
    cannot get to it ? Im lost LOL and this site helped out with
    info on unemployment issues......grrr and ughhh help lol

  12. The blog owner has changed the blog visibility settings to "private".

  13. that is great--they just screwed a lot of people--that were communicating and helping one another.

  14. Please understand that the choice of making a blog "private" is up to every individual blogger. Complaining here will change nothing. If the blogger in question commented on your own blogs then you have an email address you can use to make contact.

  15. something isn t right .... we didn t use email addresses
    when info was exchanged between those of us on his site, it
    just recently went to this
    bfuselier any ideas how we get in touch this discotrash so
    we can be on the blog site? i don t think he would want it
    private,, that doesn t make sense ?

  16. Well, this sucks ! Blog must be dead...I had to re-register and it took me forever to get here wherever "here" is... I suggest we go to the Unemployed Friends site...Someone start a Discotrash refugee thread....

  17. Dingo--i have joined you over there--do you have Wiese email??

  18. Please do not post email addresses into public forum threads like this one. Doing so will result in 2 things.
    (1) It will be harvested by email address harvesting spam bot.
    (2) Our Moderator will have to remove it.

    As you bloggers do have blogs I'd like to suggest that you could dialog on them. If you prefer you can use contact forms and that way you will not have to use comment boxes. See >

  19. Hmmmm..... If Moderators can come over here to remove e-mail addresses they can come over here to explain what happened or how to access the old blog.

  20. TT explained: The blog owner set it to Private. You can't access the old blog until the owner changes those settings. I have no doubt he/she knows you want in.

  21. [] This blog is protected, to view it you must log in.
    [] This person has protected their tweets.
    The End

  22. Just to confirm the above:

    Nothing is broken or wrong. The owner of that blog has chosen to make it private. That's the owner's decision, and it will stay that way unless and until he or she decides to make it public again.

  23. OK, excuse my ignorance but why would anybody make some blog private ? Financial gain... what ? That particular blog was just a open exchange of unemployment information. Isn't the whole point of a blog to exchange of information and tell stories ? Is there a way to contact the owner to figure it out ? I/we have tried to log in to no avail. Again, please excuse this non blog geek for asking.

  24. @xdingo123 I can only guess, but I don't expect there's a financial motivation. Perhaps the owner simply wanted to remove it from public view for personal reasons. That's not uncommon.

  25. Thanks tellyworth. It is not the first blog that I've seen die. It is such a shame because Discotrash did hundreds a HUGE favor for starting that blog. I hope she realizes that many owe her much gratitude. Oh well... like I posted... another great site for unemployment information is.

  26. A lot of people get tired of being responsible for other people's searches and so on. Or maybe they're giving it a makeover in private, or migrating it elsewhere. Could be plenty of reasons; a good, busy blog is a lot of work!

  27. One reason to change a blog to private could well be family problems or illness. No one here knows if this person has been in an accident, is sick or having a baby. As already mentioned.... there are hundreds of reasons why you would change a blog to private, even if only temporarily.

    Lifey's tuppence worth

  28. worriedinlosangeles

    Hi everyone. I'm happy to find this thread. I,too, was one of the many people who followed the California Unemployment Extension blog for a long time. Was shocked to find it to be no longer available to the public.

    Registered here and have been flailing around trying to locate that blog. Got scolded already just trying to ask for help with this WordPress site and how to find that blog. Sigh.

    Will try the unemployed friends site, but find they are not accepting any new registrations.

  29. worriedinlosangeles: Look for the Discotrash thread in the CA forum. I don't know about the registration thing but were over there. I had a hell of a time to find this place so keep it bookmarked just in case there updates. Later.

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