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    I havent been able to get into my blog for about 3 days. A message comes up saying “the serve cannot be accessed”.

    Can you help??

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    My blog doesnt work any more: i cant access it, other people cant access it. Whats going on???

    I can go into my dashboard, but cant upate anything.

    It seems my blog has been cancelled?

    Can anybody help please??? Is there someone who administers blogs and can delete the access??

    The address is


    Someone seems to have gone into my account and changed the website linked to my address… My blog is “” and under my accont the blog “”.

    What is going on…?


    Someone has cancelled my blog.

    i have a blog called, linked to the address

    It seems the different blog somehow got linked to our blog…? Their blog got cancelled and cannot be accessed any more. Our blog cannot even be found on google. thte page no longer exists.

    I would really apprecate someone’s help on this. i have put so much time ad effort on this blog and it has been mistakenly blocked or cancelled by someone else then me. it is very disappointing and frustrating.
    Thank you for your help…


    Hi Again,
    I’m getting deperate as we’re travelling with a two kids & were using the blog as a means to keep in touch with our family & friends.
    I’ve posted multiple requests (the first being Nov 26) for help without a single reply?????
    Can someone please propose a solution? I’m happy to pay for the advice!
    Come on WordPress and do the right thing here and help. I’ve invested money but most of all alot of time in the blog to date and don’t understand why it has stopped working suddenly after it was fine?
    Please see above entries with a description of what has happened.
    Thanks Lou

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