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    Can i have a blog address with hypens or dots in the name if i have a .com rather than a wordpress address? it looked as though this was possible, but then i found that my blog address had been created by changing the “.” to “dot” which is definately something i do not want. I tried to change this to a name with hypens and eventually settled for no dots or hyphens, but unfortunately i have now landed with multiple blogs that i do not not want. I would like only one blog “” I would like to purchase your upgrade package and to register the domain but i do not want to do this while there is so much confusion regarding the other blogs that have been created. I cannot find any way to delete them and I do not want my URL to be the one shown, which is “felicitydotvidyadotmehendaledotcom” i would be very grateful for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

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