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blog address is checking permament

  1. When I wrote the blog address is checking permament, that's all
    Regards from Lima, PerĂº

  2. Hi there, I'd be glad to help but I'm not sure what your question is. Would you mind providing a little more detail or giving an example so I can better sense of what you're trying to find out? Thanks very much.

  3. Thanks for answer so fast. Please, sorry my grammar. Let's see.
    I log in with my account [email redacted] and I go to create a new blog. But when I write the "blog address" I only see the "checking" animation all the time and nothing happe (see the capture)


    But if I log with my another account ([email redacted]) I can create any blog I want.

    I hope I explained well this time

    Regards from Lima, PerĂº

  4. Thanks for explaining what the problem is!

    Does this problem happen in another browser, like Firefox?

    Is the new blog name you actually would like? If so, that name is already taken. Could you try searching for another name that we know is available - for example - and let me know if it works? Thanks!

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