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    I attempted to register silkyoakpress as a blog address, but was unable to, and it said that blog address already exists.
    I wondered if I’d perhaps already registered it. As it was on private, I had a friend send a request asking to view it. I assumed this request would go to whichever email I registered it with. I didn’t receive an email.
    I need to know if it’s registered to someone else, or if I’ve registered it with an email I no longer have access to.
    Or has it been made unavailable because I already have the AND domain names?
    Obviously it’s important to my business plans that no one else can pass themselves off as Silky Oak Press on wordpress, and I assume no one else could have been given the name, as I own the dot com address anyway.
    Could someone please clear this up for me?
    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is



    Or has it been made unavailable because I already have the AND domain names?


    Somebody else could use the Silk Oak Press name here and there would not be an issue unless they impersonated you – but there are some trademark holders that are real jerks and send threats to anyone with a name that is even close

    Someone else has flagged this for the staff – but the staff will not give you contact info for the blog in question – it’s a privacy issue – if you think you set the blog up – you would need to prove ownership of the blog



    If you want complete ownership of the name, you need an international trademark. Without it, you have no claim to the domain names you didn’t register.

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