blog admin email addy needs changing

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    My blog email is closed by ip with my permission since it was hacked.
    I need to change blog to new email.Tried dashboard,settings not working.Error that email is already in use.
    Why is everything so difficult ?
    It not rocket science to change an email addy thru Admin within the blog is it
    Please advise methods
    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Each account must use a unique email address. If the email address you want to use is already linked to another account, you won’t be able to use that email with this account. We have more information about that here: Email Address



    As far as i know i only have one account.
    How could i have two accounts ? Could you check this ?
    I have 4 blogs on 1 account is that what you mean ?
    There must be way to solve this problem.
    Any suggestions please



    The error saying that the email address is already in use means that the email address you’re trying to use is already linked to another account. (That’s different from having multiple blogs on 1 account.) You can check that by logging out of and entering that email address in the password reset form here:

    That will allow you to reset the password on the account using that email address, so you can log in and see the details about that account.



    Still trying to find time to finish this post up.
    Did find out i had 2 accounts with,so removed or deleted
    the 1 i didnt need.:-)
    Hopefully this will resolve the email change with my primary wp blog.
    Will be back to reset the resoled key when i verify this.

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