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    Have you people watched Megan Fox’s sexy butts and heard those rugged lines in Transformers? I don’t believe people don’t bring kids down to watch.

    Have you seen your kids reading newspaper, talking about SEX crimes, Violent and such content?

    Have you?

    Have you seen a single naked women or penis or nipples in my blog?

    Have you not watched Fallout2 or the series in WordPress blog, infamous for those juicy lines?

    The point is, would it be possible to STOP putting this adult rating on my blog which just rant aimlessly for nothing. Yes, we cook stories based on Geylang, but just like those journalists talking about news of what they saw in the back alley, what’s the major problem?

    My blog obviously ain’t a sex-blog. The site is not majored on sex, nor violence, just rants.

    So can anyone be reasonable, that since you are not slapping Fallout sites as adult-rated, you are not kicking Megan Fox’s kissing scenes and sexy butts from Transformers, you are not reviving all those killed in Superman Returns, don’t hence label a ranting blog as an adult one.

    I suppose WordPress can understand what I am driving at.



    The blog I need help with is


    You have to talk to staff about this. It really isn’t something the volunteers here in the forums can do anything about.



    Hi old friend,

    I suppose some malicious immature imps are behind this… trouble makers to be exact. Thanks for the attention, Sacred!

    But the way, can anyone help with the stats’ thing? It’s really shocking that the stats is like broken. My daily high record can ‘tumble’ from over 10,000 a day (I even cut and pasted that record for memoir. LOL~) to something much lesser.

    And I checked the other services which are regisitering IP visits, OMG… WordPress stats have not been picking them up either!?

    When I was overseas a month ago and visit my own blog, the stats also doesn’t pick up the hits. Why eh? Tell me not broken, I’d laugh.

    And they even label my blog as Adult. OMG!

    Something’s definitely not right. So obvious… WordPress breaking up?

    See ya around!


    WordPress does not just mark blogs as mature without checking and making the determination themselves. When they get a report of a mature blog, they investigate first. If they feel it is mature, then they mark it as mature. If they do not feel it is mature, then it is not marked as mature.

    As far as the stats stuff, again that is something you would have to talk with staff about. If you had a good number of hits coming from the global tags pages, then the mature ranking would of course take you off those pages and you would lose those hits.



    HI! What’s this global tag page???
    You mean even if I acess from overseas, the hits can’t be registered?

    OMG! If we rely on ‘feel’, I suppose that’s why Fallout is not mature, Transformer is not mature, New York Times is not mature, but my rants are mature…

    But thanks for the attention, really. They must have sent the wrong folks for this ‘feeling’, I mean internet are not for kids, we’re here as mature adults, and mature doesn’t mean we’d write fairy tales bedtime stories for kid aged 12 and below… WordPress wasn’t like that, if it had been so immature, I won’t have wasted so much time blogging the rants.

    Now this user am feeling no happy, who cares for my feeling? This user of his blog obviously ‘feel’ his blog is cleaner than the scene Megan Fox is lying on that guy with those boobs, and easier than those sexy lines in Cat Paws (Fallout).

    Nobody is rating those arcades as mature, nobody is rating all those erotic news serivces carrying sexual and sensual questions to Aunty Agonies as mature, and my personal rants are mature. Which picture is showing offending nudity or hardcore sex or bloody violence?

    This mature ranking is nosense to me. You read all those blogs talking featuring on talks about sexy Taiwanese girls with erotic pictures somemore? They are not mature. And mine is mature.

    Old fren, ain’t blame me for being so disturbed about those ‘feels’ of those folks doing what investigation. You know this published game ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms’? It’s violence and gore, and it’s not even rated so. You know this movie ‘Princess Diary’ where you can see sexy Hathaway trying cover her naked self with a rug and kissing and hugging and… Kids, are those not mature stuff you shouldn’t doing before 12yo? What’s the rating for Princess Diary?

    I am not ignorant about rating publications, Sacred. Which is why I am very disturbed by those ‘feel’ you mentioned. From western movies and publication to eastern, including Chinese and Japanese to Korean, I have tons of those materials on ratings. That Optimus Prime was grossly torn into pieces in front of kids, that’s not mature?

    You know this Jap comic and cartoon series ‘Ranma’? The boobs jumped about, character gone naked, and yeah… what’s its rating?

    We have scenes in discos, Stallone doing Sharon Stone in one movie (is that ‘The Professional’?), and it’s not rated.

    Tell me my ranking is mature, you must show me some standards. In a very famous novel series in China from a Jin Yong, the scene when this Dragon Girl was raped exist, and who rate those as mature?

    And my rantings are mature… Incredible. This is the World Wide Web, or is this Iran where women must cover their face for exposing them is an offence in a mature world? What is happening to WordPress?

    You watched Twilight, that vampire appeared from nowhere, close up to the girl… kiss her, hug her… and… … well. Was Twilight rated as mature, or those stories narrating this scene as mature? That vampire told the girl, those guys are thinking dirty, and explicitly, it’s sex sex sex…

    In a recent Koreanfamily show production, the actor and actress sleep together, hugging and kissing… Well well well… And my ranting is mature. Why? Who are the professionals who are feeling ‘mature’?

    Disturbed, very much disturbed.


    Take it up with staff.



    And one last thing when those Support read this, I am hoping they can respect their users, and please don’t cite:

    ‘Yeah, we’re from Iran…’

    Please show something better than feel. And don’t cite one-sided ‘facts’ to try prove a point cos I have more such materials.

    In ‘Hancock’, he said… I’d shove your head into his ASS if you bla bla bla…
    In ‘You dun mess with Zohan’, that’s just PG-13.
    In ‘Wolverine’, the head rolls… that’s just PG…
    Which means, if ‘Team America–World Police’ is PG13 with all those<b> ‘Fuck Ya’ </b>and those sex scenes plus the shit drooping sex scene, it’s not ‘Rated’ as in ‘SAW’, which means kids can even still gain acess to such production or publication LEGALLY. And that’s NOT mature.
    I don’t think anyone can suggest 13yo as mature adults.

    So… Support, please review the ‘feel’. Don’t forget, even ‘SpiderMan’ is PG-13.

    Those are western publications I am citing, not Iraqi. Hopefully, my case will help avoid more such unhappy encounters in the future for other blogs.




    Yes, I am refering them to this forum posting of WordPress. It’s getting on my nerve the way they perceive things… it’s like they are living in a closed-up world in Iran seeing the world behind the veil. That’s shocking!

    I can understand this rating if WordPress is some China communist run services, because the communist state indeed were very ‘choosy’, while of course, sex trade is flourishing in China. But this, this is, not

    Are they telling us that even PG won’t be allowed? Then what? We’d close the web just for the under 12yo to blog, to acess? Which is not even right for other publications. And my blog is obviously not featuring sex as the main theme… even though it’s blogged by mature adult like you and me.

    I think, my view is, they just picked up one line or two or a dozen and says: Well, got ‘sex’, let’s make ‘Twilight’ rated. Well, that game you see is bloody violent, the head rolls or got blood… let’s rate Superman Returns, Spiderman, and The Spirit mature… hence their books, hence their blogs…Is that it?

    Many historical firms… including Bravehearts, Kingdom of Heaven and even World War documentaries… Can’t be without gore, death, head rolls, or even rapes, mistresses… If they don’t reform the way they go about rating, what’s the point about hosting?

    Ain’t there documentaries on Japanese War Prostitutes? Pictures of nudes, tortured women, torturing at private parts… Ain’t they mature? Are they educational? Time to rationalise things.



    Blog’s at

    For those mature stuff lookers, what do you see in this blog? Any sex to satisfy you? Any pictures with nudity?

    Is this the ‘mature’ site you’d bookmark for your hardcore pleasure?

    Just take it easy, and be honest with yourselves, the mature stuff lookers… would you expect to see boobs or penis from Scope’s direction of blogging? Would you stay for the ‘mature’ stuff?

    I seriously don’t think my blog is anymore mature than publications such as ‘Romasanta’. Common sense, if you really want mature stuffs, you’d probably go for ‘Romasanta’ than Scope’s. At least you got to see the boobs.




    You have to talk to staff about this. It really isn’t something the volunteers here in the forums can do anything about.



    Thanks to Anthony and Mark, it’s been a misunderstanding after all.

    So now I have to check out the ‘haunting’ issues at other services and observe IP2MAP. Stange sightings for a IT-clueless…

    Wire-god, Wire-god, bless me!




    No matter, I have always considered you a friend, so I hope we can always be nice to each other. After all, I am also interested to support your event if I got the chance to.

    I suppose perhaps by some chance that maybe I or somebody using my computer have clicked the wrong button, and Mark thought I want a ‘mature’ rating or what.

    WordPress have cleared the issue. I can go on blogging nosense… without that label. LOL~


    So it was never an adult blog? lol

    Well someone reported you. Either a regular on your blog or a passer by.

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