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    I cannot access my wordpress blog.
    The url is

    It seems to be suspeded or archived for TOS violation but I don’t know why.

    My wordpress id is ‘roscre’ and it is also suspended.

    I have already contacted the support team at, but i still have no answer.




    I will reply through support. It’s a good reason though.



    “I have already contacted the support team at, but i still have no answer.”

    You waited less than 15 minutes from sending the support to posting here.
    Hardly a reasonable time.



    Thanks for your speed,

    but my blog is very important for me and I don’t know the reason of suspension.
    If I made some mistake it wasn’t my intention.
    I could modify the blog according to the rules if you want and anyway
    I would like at least to have the possibility to save my work if the blog
    will not be reactivated.

    Thanks in advance,



    “You waited less than 15 minutes from sending the support to posting here.
    Hardly a reasonable time.”

    Now I waited more than 6 hours.
    What is a reasonable time to get an answer from the support if I cannot access my blog since yesterday without having any explaination?
    I know that this is a free service, but it’s not very correct to delete blogs and user accounts without giving any reason.
    I think the WordPress community will not be very happy about it.


    Make sure that the email from staff hasn’t gotten caught in your email junk filter. If it’s not there, then contact staff through and give them your blog URL and your email address you used to sign up for your blog. Note: DO NOT post your email address or anything personal here in the forum.




    I have tried to contact the support team in several ways: this forum, email, the web form.

    I still have no answer from them.

    I don’t know why my blog has been suspended yesterday.

    My blog url was

    The reference id for the blog is roscre.

    I still think it’s not nice to delete blogs or accounts without providing any information to the user, even if it is stated in the FAQ document and even if this is a free service.

    I think the respect of the people is most important thing in a community.

    I’m still waiting for an answer and I hope to have soon some information about the problem.


    Virtually all of us here in the forums are volunteers and you will need to communicate with staff. Make certain and check your junk email filter to make sure staff’s response did not get caught. Also make sure you are looking in your email account that was used when you signed up for your blog.

    If there is nothing there, then all I can suggest is to send in another support ticket via and include your blog URL and your email address in the communication. As I said above, DO NOT post your email address her as the spambots will find it and flood you with spam.

    {waving to TT}



    I replied at the time of my comment above.
    Whitelist our domain for email.

    It was suspended for copying posts from other blogs.



    Which is easily the fastest way to get hated in the blogosphere, besides being illegal.



    @mark and Trent
    When it comes to a blogger posting to this forum on “blog suspension” I’ve been wondering if the best course of action for volunteers answering questions to take wouldn’t be just posting the relevant link
    and leave the matter to you, without continuing to post to the threads. I’m asking because Mark is the staff person who deals with these matters. What do you think?


    /nod to rain
    Makes one crank up the heat under the boiling oil.



    I think if the forum is staffed by volunteers, volunteers should feel free to answer questions to the best of their ability. This blogger NEEDS to know this stuff, for future reference. We’ve had too many people who seem to think it’s okay. They need to read threads like this and change.



    Exactly rain. It is important for their to be threads here about this, but I suggest that you immediately tell posters that it is an issue that must be dealt with staff since it is nothing that can be sorted out here in the forums. They might not like the answer, but the truth is that simple. I know that staff are working on a solution to stop the posting in these forums with other notice options for suspension, so we must just work the best we can to tell posters their option. That being contacting support at and/or referencing the FAQ that TT suggests…..



    i would also suggest you to send an email to (email redacted) . keep your blog link as subject. you should be getting an immediate response




    I did not copy posts from other blogs, I only referenced posts of other blogs in my blog, there is a big difference.
    The support didnt tell me which of my posts was supposed to not respect the ToS, they didnt ask me the modify or delete those posts, they just deleted my whole blog without any comunication or discussion.
    So I think WordPress is not the best place to create a blog, and I suggest to all the users to change their blog provider.




    Support is not required to ask you to remove any material that you chose to place on your blog despite the fact that you entered a legal agreement to get a blog here that prohibited you doing so in the first place. Good bye.




    I think support is required to respect the people!!
    Every blogger is a person not a number in a database.
    This is way I leave the WordPress platform.

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