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Blog and life: how do you deal with it?

  1. Hello everybody:
    how do you conciliate blogging with LIFE???
    I mean: work, partner, kids, housekeeping, social activities or just relaxing...
    Sometimes I get frustrated because I can't find time for my blog.
    Can you?

    I just want to know your opinion.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. hollythestrange

    I have too much spare time and weird thoughts, so that's what the blogs' are here for.

  3. I've run into this problem before, which is why I decided to start using the voice post feature. It's pretty handy if you're ever in a situation where you can't get to your computer, or just don't feel like writing at that particular moment.

  4. I was doing really well by posting one or two a week for a bit and happened. Sometimes it's easier to write things with a pen and paper when you can and then have someone else type it for you. It's tough to balance it all out.

  5. I find that it's not just everyday life that gets in the way, but I need to feel inspired too! I feel pressure to be funny, as all of my posts are lighthearted. Luckily there always seems to be something around the corner to provoke a post...

  6. With a full-time job, I can't post often anymore. That's just life. This is why I can't just write without any focus for a blog post. Not that I ever wanted to previously. But now it's even a more compelling reason for myself, to feel satisfied that I only post blog posts that are make sense.


  7. Personally, my blog is for my over-loaded thoughts and rants.
    A lot of the time I use the wordpress app on my phone to quickly note down a thought or idea. This could happen at any given time so I don't forget the subject; on the bus to and from work, before sleep, lunchbreaks at work.
    Then when I get the spare moment, all I really need to do is edit and polish :)

    My phones a saviour, in fact I'm writing this post on it, but that's off topic now.

  8. I, personally, have to do my blogs at night after work, class, and homework. Some days I have to skip because of exams and whatnot. I think of it as a job and feel I have an obligation to the little readers that I do have. lol

  9. Same here @lifeasme23. I would like to add that I don't have a life; I'm always on the run.

  10. I think if you're serious about it, If you have a passion for what you're writing about you need to schedule that blogging time into your day, or into your weekends. I enjoy it so see it as part of my "Me time" which I schedule into my day. Hope this helps. :-)

  11. I am self-employed and work at home and part of my work is done online I squeeze blogging in and to accomplish that I have developed a content creation and social media networking strategy that includes a time-line. My readers are aware that I aim to publish twice weekly on both blogs whenever I can do so.
    Social media time management strategy >

  12. Not sure what to say here, especially right now I'm writing for a 4th blog that we hope to launch in a few months.

    Oy. :) I still have my full-time job. As you can see, what I do on holidays...after a nice pleasant walk or cycle, etc. :)

  13. jammedthoughts

    I just post whenever I've got time and whenever I've got an idea. But then again, mine isn't the type of blog on any strict kind of schedule and whatnot.

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