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Blog Anonymity

  1. I am interested in doing another blog but I want to be anonymous. Do I need to sign up for a new account to do this or can I be totally anonymous with one blog under my account? I am not sure, but I think I won't be able to if I go commenting on other people's blogs.

  2. Getting a new account completely is the better way.

  3. New account or find one that doesn't list the author's names within posts. I think engtech covered this in his theme write ups.

  4. Wow this is a pretty active forum. I'll have to stick around and share some of my knowledge or lack thereof. Just what I wasn't hoping for, though, making a new account. Boo!

  5. And definitely do not comment on other people's blogs when you're signed in to that ID. That would be amazingly counterproductive.

  6. Get a new account.

    Send in a feedback to staff asking for your site to labeled as mature.

    Go to Dashboard > Options > Privacy to keep you off of search engines.

    Edit your profile here on the forum and take out the url link so your name isn't clickable.

    Maybe also password protect your postings.

  7. No, I honestly don't get why I would post online if I didn't want people to read. I do want people to read, but I want to use a pseudonym, but I also don't want my blog to be deleted, if you understand what I am saying now.

  8. Your blog wouldn't be deleted because of privacy concerns, only TOS or legal violations.

    If you just don't want your blog to be attributable at all, reconcile yourself to the fact that within two years someone will find out who is writing it. It just happens. If you think you can live with that, it's a simple matter to start a new account. Don't link it in any way with the existing account though: no cross-posts, no blogrolling. Register a different email for that account and have all blog-related stuff including registration go there. Use that email when you comment on other people's blogs. Also, don't post on one blog and then the other; people compare the times of posts.

  9. Points taken, and yes, I was already registering a new email for this.

  10. Also remember that we don't have a clue as to who samureye is. I mean I as the moderator can see your IP address here in the forums and get the general location of where you're coming from but that's it.

    I do webhosting elsewhere but I learned many years ago to keep my personal online stuff seperate from my work. Actually use a different username over there and the 'drmike' elsewhere while I'm online.

  11. What about this: I work at ABC, inc. I go home at the end of a lousy day and start a blog in which to vent. I refer to my company as CBA, inc. so no one will be sure I'm referring to ABC, inc. But then I use so many inside-baseball remarks that any readers from ABC would probably suspect I work there. The boss learns of my blog and hires the most clever geek in the world to see who's writing the blog. Will said geek be able to find the ID of the blogger. He has unlimited funds and is willing to bend some rules.

  12. Your writing style is what could get you, along with any planted information which you publish. The longer you blog this way the more clues you will leave - it just takes someone to join the dots.

    As an aside, a comment was left on my blog. That post and comments were read by people in the same place - a computer chain store - and from subsequent comments the management assumed it was the wrong person who made the original comment and they suspended him. So - if management assumed it was a colleague of yours, how would you react?

    Requests for information from us will get nowhere.

  13. It's one of teh reasons why no personal information is taken when you sign up for a blog here. All they have is your email address and the IP address you're coming in from.

    if security and secreticy is that big of an issue with you, you would already be using SSH tunneling and running your browser through that.

  14. Hey, getting dooced was the best thing that ever happened to Perez Hilton. Went from fetching coffee and typing for a living to making six figures as a blogger.

  15. projectcnc, just make your blog entirely private. Choose the option to have it taken off search engines, send in a feedback to WordPress to have you labeled as a mature blog so your blog won't be seen by anyone in the WordPress community via tags or the Next button, and password protect each blog entry.

  16. If you wish to have a password protected blog this will be useful

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