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    Does anyone else have this problem? Today my blog has lost most of its design work and it appears as basic text. It’s here:
    Every other wordpress blog I look at appears the same. Is there a problem with the wordpress servers or something today? (I’m based in Spain btw).
    It all just happened this morning.
    Thanks if you can help!

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m also in Spain using ONO and I have the same problem:

    I’m in Cadiz province.


    Interesting – I’m on ONO too. Do you think it’s a server problem?


    No idea. But I’ve seen postings like this before in the past that have seemed to be cleared up after a day or 2. It’s annoying as I can’t post to my blog due to the text box not working. I haven’t got any friends who have anything other than ONO but those that have ONO tell me that it’s the same on their browsers.

    Do you know anyone with Telefonica or Orange? If so, ask them to have a look.


    Let’s hope it gets fixed soon. I thought it was the whole system but other people round the world seem to be posting without problems. I’ll ask around this eve and find out how the blog looks elsewhere for people on other Internet providers.



    I am in Valencia with ONO and I am suffering the same problem.
    I have already call the company and they say that the WordPress server does not connect correctly with ONO servers.
    I also have Movistar connection an everything goes right in them.
    I personally think that is a new mess from ONO.
    ONO has good connection but problems that nobody has indexing pages.


    I am in Barcelona so this is clearly a problem all over Spain. I’ll call ONO too and maybe they can fix the problem quicker for us.


    I just phoned ONO. They asked me to run a trace through ms.dos and they said that from their side everything looked fine. It looks like we just have to wait and see … unless anyone has any other ideas? :(
    Can we contact wordpress direct to see if one of their experts can solve the problem?


    Will you two blogger who are using two different themes please take screenshots and post them to your Media Library so Staff can see what it is that you see?



    Ireland had a similar problem a few months back. It’s your ISp blocking the image servers.


    Anyone got an update on this? Are you all still having the same probs? Have ONO responded positively?



    We’re getting similar reports from users with ONO as well.

    Would you please contact your ISP about this?

    Also, you may have luck if you switch to a different DNS provider, like OpenDNS:


    Hi everyone
    My wordpress blog is back to normal today so maybe ONO have fixed the problem. I did check my blog last night with a friend on another system and it displayed correctly there.
    Let’s see what happens.

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