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    In my privacy settings i chose the 2nd option, being that i would not want my blog to appear in search engines, yet when i tested this, by typing down tags and my blog’s name on google, post in my blog started appearing in the search result.

    My question is how do i stop my blog from appearing in search engines, even when i have switched my privacy settings to not allow them to appear in search engines. inspite of that my blog appears in search engines.

    please help me resolve the above problem




    Someone probably linked to you once, or you linked outwards. That’s all it takes.

    My suggestion would be to set your blog to completely private. That is the ONLY thing that guarantees you won’t show up in search engines. The second option really only means your blog won’t encourage search engines to index you.


    thanx raincoaster, i’ll try the third option and i’ll see what happens when my blog is set to completely private.

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