Blog archived or suspended for violation. Which one ?

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    Hello everybody,

    I am enjoying the services of WordPress since more than one year now.

    My blog is now off since one month. I think it is for a violation of the Terms of Service but I don’t know which one.

    I put a lot of work for this year in this blog, where I store press articles related to the real estate market in Miami and the USA.

    I started that because when I was sending press articles to clients, after sometime the original newspaper website will just suppress them and then the information just disappear. I wanted to start a blog where later everybody could consult an archive of real estate press articles.

    I’ve sent a few emails to the support with no answer at all. I just wanted to know what I did wrong and correct it. At least have a chance to explain myself, and then correct what was bad in my behavior.

    I know that many contributors here have access to the power in place at WordPress. Maybe they can tell me what I did wrong. And actually maybe others will also learn from my mistakes and don’t do what I did wrong. It will serve as an example.

    Well I hope this work at least, I had around 400 readers every day and I am not happy to see this work disappearing.

    Thanks to anybody who can help. Best regards.




    If you’re posting copyrighted materials wholesale on your blog without permission, that’s a violation of US law and will indeed get a blog suspended. I’m not staff, but that’s what I would guess is behind it.

    You need to ask staff directly via the Support button on your dashboard tomorrow during office hours.


    You will need to contact staff as we are just volunteers here. Include your username, email address used to set up your blog, and the full URL of your blog. (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.



    I did ask the support twice but didn’t get any answer. This is why I came to the Forum.

    I was kind of surprised that they didn’t answer me at all.

    I will let you know. As of the copyright problem, I always post the source of the article and the provenance. I do not pose as the writer, it will just be impossible to pretend that.

    Actually, instead of posting my own opinion as a so called “expert”, I wanted to show my sources, what I was reading, so people could read also and make their own opinions.

    OK, I will let you know as soon as I know myself.

    Thanks for your help. It feels good to have you guys reacting, I was kind of desperate.

    Best regards.




    I know it’s a panicky situation, but I’m sure staff will get around to answering you when they’re back at work tomorrow.

    FYI even crediting the source, you still can’t take the whole thing. You can LINK to the whole thing, if the original source keeps it up, and take a snippet; this is extremely common.



    PP – I’ve never known support to not reply, and I’ve had several times I’ve needed their help. It has occasionally, taken a day or so to get a mail reply (they get tons of requests) but they always reply.

    I wonder if their mail to you might have been sucked into your bulk/spam bin by error? You should check that… make sure their address is whitelisted and will get through to you. Many people think that can’t happen to them, but I get a fair amount of mail from my readers, and some people end up in the spam bin for reasons I just can’t imagine. I’ve just become used to having a quick look through that bin before I delete it.

    Hope that helps.



    Thanks “fracas” for your suggestion but I always check my spam box.
    I also have my clients contacting me through my other websites and will not take a chance to not check my spam box.

    I am surprised also that they didn’t answer me. I felt I was like banned for bad behavior !!

    Thanks. Regards.


    I felt I was like banned for bad behavior !!

    Sounds familiar.



    And I was unhappy that WordPress suspended my blog with no warning…

    I’ve just read that a fellow real estate agent in Miami, also a blogger, was sued for $25 million for an opinion he wrote on his blog.

    He allegedly said that a developer was facing a hard time with his new building, and had a previous bankruptcy in the 80’s. The developer is suing him for $25 millions, and he was then fired from his company right away.

    You have the article there (and this is just a link, so the newspaper is free to move the information whenever they want):

    So after all having my blog suspended doesn’t appear that bad finally. But I feel bad for my colleague here. It seems that blogging starts to be a really dangerous business.



    You are always legally responsible for what you say. Unfortunately, you can often be sued by people who KNOW they have no chance of winning in court, just to intimidate you and encourage you to pre-emptively censor yourself. That’s nothing: people around the world have been jailed or executed for what they’ve said on a blog. Say what you know to be true, including your feelings, and blog with good intentions. There will always be bullies in the world.



    You are right “raincoaster”, other people in the world can’t even blog or will go to jail for that.

    But here in the USA such type of intimidation is shocking.

    PS: I wasn’t the one incriminating anyone and I always claim responsability for what I say. It was another real estate agent in Miami blogging his own opinions.



    This is really something that needs to be taken up with staff since the volunteers in this forum cannot help you on this one.



    Read Freakonomics and you’ll never deal with a real estate agent again. They’re in it for themselves, not you.

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