Blog archived or suspended?

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    I ran [wordpress] Bemar’s Blog up until a couple of hours ago and went into the blog only to be confronted with a message that it had been archived or suspended.

    Seems a funny way to do business not advising you that some thing may be wrong and what it is that is wrong.
    Their was no trash of any kind on my blog and I only had about 17 entries over the past 4 weeks of operation.

    Any one else been faced with this lousy service.



    It has happened in the past and some times , though not all, it’s a result of the owner not understanding the “delete Blog” function does just that and not a single post within the blog.

    Please submit your comment via a feedback function in addition to here. If it has been a software glitch it will be corrected.



    The site is currently up but with no posts.

    As to the “lousy service”, I withhold judgement until a Key Master makes a post. They may have had a reason why the site was removed.




    You mean like the thread you started yesterday drmike?

    Is it a coincedence that this problem has been posted 2-3 times since that post?



    *shrug* I don’t know. I’ve found a few blogs that might bended the rules around here. I’m just wondering what on todays blog caused the archiving of it by staff in the first place. I’ve had past clients sit on the telephone and tell me that it’s their god given right to send out 20 million spams to anyone and everyone that they want. I’ve also had a father who liked posting pictures of his 6 year old daughter taking a shower and didn’t realize why that might have been an issue. Again we don’t know why the blog was removed in the first place.

    I’m still wondering why this blog is up and running myself.



    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: a terms of service stating in clear language what is and is not acceptable content would be enormously helpful in dealing with this kind of problem. Then nobody could claim they weren’t warned.



    Agreed. Most of the “issue” sites I’ve come across though have been pure spam sites that I’ve reported.

    Again, I have no idea if this person’s blog was or not. (It’s not in my records as a report.)




    I was having a blog with name

    And now status is Suspended or Archived. I have no trash or some else on my blog. Just the dating articles. I am unable to login my account too. I have more blogs under my account (those all were under construction) and I am working on that.

    Couple of days back I was having a problem while posting a new article. I posted 2-3 times and it doesn’t show up. And after a day, all 3 same posts came up, later I removed the duplicate posts.

    Is this the reason for blog suspension. Can anybody help in this regard. Or Any idea how to get my account back?




    Yes, staff can help you find out for sure. Contact them at:




    Mistaken duplicate posting is NOT a reason for deletion or archiving; I’m not staff, but I can at least tell you that.

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