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Blog archiving of a dead author

  1. Hi , I have been asked to take over and archive a blog of a very good friend of 28 years who quite suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from cancer just before Christmas. His wife is not computer literate and the password used has died with him. If someone that can assist could contact me I would be grateful to know how to proceed/provide details as the Blog is of interest to certain libraries and we don't want to lose it/see it hacked.
    The problem is initially I have no access to the PC he used. His wife does not speak English although I speak and read her language , so that is not a problem, however it is 6000 miles away around the world which is a problem, and in the guy's direct social circle no one is competent around a computer, even to switching it on. So I am stuck. All my social engineering skills as to guessing his password have to date not borne any fruit.

    Any help gratefully received , ideally from a moderator with whom i can provide details of the blog.
    As a complete aside it was rather bizarre/surreal bordering on creepy to keep getting automated updates from him , including a Happy New Year message when he had been dead two weeks.

    Paul Burns

  2. Hi Paul, I'm going to send you an email so we can discuss this in private.

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