Blog asked when posting a topic on forums, but not shown anywhere

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    When you post a topic into these forums, first you have to write the topic title (be brief and descriptive :)) and then

    Select the blog you need help with: [dropdown]

    everybody has to select this.

    However, this information is not shown anywhere, and there are literally thousands of posts saying “We need the address of your blog in question”.

    Yes, I know the automated bot uses given blog information to determine if the topic is about wp,ORG or wp.COM :-) But us “human helpers” on the forum don’t get to see it. And thus, numerous “please give your blog address” questions.

    This seems pretty silly…


    The main reason for that is so that the supportbot can check the URL and make sure they are talking about a blog that is actually hosted here, and not a self-hosted blog, which is supported over at wordpress.ORG.

    I can only speculate that the reason they do not insert it into the topic is so they don’t inadvertently reveal the blog address for someone that does not want it posted in the forums for whatever reason.

    If people do not want to provide a blog address, then we volunteers have to work around that if we can, and if it is something that we cannot solve without seeing the actual blog, then we have to send them directly to wordpress.COM support.

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