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Blog Buddies =D

  1. So I've just figured out how to add a blogroll (yes slow I know!) into my blog finally, and I'm in dire need of blog buddies so if you're lonely in blogland don't mind being added to my blogroll give me shout =)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. alifebewhiskered

    Hi nuttyneuron,
    I think the best thing for you to do is just cruise around WP for a while. Check out some blogs (possibly with a similar theme to your own) and pop any you really like onto your blogroll. I don't think anyone would ever mind being added - it's usually taken as a compliment that someone likes your blog enough to want to re-direct their friends and readers to you!

  3. Hi Nutty Neuron,

    Good blog. Have subscribed. If you wanna still do the blog roll thing be good to be on your page.

  4. Hey slowlycreepingdeath (interesting name btw) I just checked out your blog, really liked it! Will be adding you to my blog roll shortly :)

  5. heya
    im up for this,add me to yours and ill add you to mine
    thanks nuttyneuron

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