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  1. PADC2011 said "If you get a lot of followers: you can get "freshly pressed""

    Wait... did they change Freshly Pressed because I was on that awhile ago and it had absolutely nothing to do with that reason?

  2. katharinetrauger

    I sure don't know where to ask this question, but here it is:

    Yesterday I receive email notification that someone had "liked" my post and it meant so much to me b/c this person has had a hard time and is seemingly better now. However, when I went to that post, the "like" did not show up.

    Is it b/c this person has not yet developed any gravatar content? Is it b/c this person's blog is only 3 days old? Or have I done something to cause this?

    Thanks for any knowledgeable input.

  3. katharinetrauger

    Oh. Forgot to tick "notify me" so, correcting, here.

    Anyone who wants to buddy me, can. Thanks.

    Also, I don't think they use adult content blogs on Freshly Pressed. I could be wrong, though.

  4. nevermind found my answer here ~>

    Katharine I "liked" your recent post, I need hangers btw. Do you see that I liked it?

  5. @theprattlingsofseverin, i'm sorry i haven't read this until now! you'll be on mine in a little bit! (:

  6. katharinetrauger

    Bats - Yes! I just noticed it. Got the email notification, went there, saw it, clicked on your site since I recognized your gravatar from reading this thread today.

    So. This time it worked. And lots of other times it has worked. What gives with this other person?

    What is a hanger?

  7. katharinetrauger

    Also, I noticed that someone click my url on her blog--probably how she got to my site that day. Also, noticed five hits on the post she supposedly "liked". So puzzling.

  8. You know, sometimes I like a post and it doesn't stick so to speak, meaning that I've had to hit like a second or third time before it stays liked. You know I'm curious if it does have to do with that person not having any gravatar info, I'm assuming you have to atleast have a pic to show up on the like list on our blogs. Try doing a forum search on the like feature and if that doesn't turn up any info then I would contact staff with this question

  9. A hanger! for my coat closet. ;)

  10. katharinetrauger

    Ho! You were talking about my closet-cleaning forays! I thought, "Oh, not another blogging term I've never heard of! NO!" Ha.
    I love those old wooden hangers! They're each an antique I got from digging through a friend's throw-away junk. What a find! Some are labeled with the logo of a dry cleaner's. Did they give them away, once upon a time? Those were some days.
    I did a forum search and can barely find results that don't link to the normal word "like" used in a sentence such as: "I really like this new theme and cannot wait to apply it to my blog," etc. Or, "I would like more information about how to build a blogroll." You know, things LIKE that. If anyone knows where the jewels of information I need are hiding, please chime in!
    Also, if you like a post and it doesn't "stick", does it then notify the blogger, anyway? That is the part I don't get. I received the notification in my email...

  11. anyone can be my blog buddy too! :)

  12. theprattlingsofseverin

    I'm happy for anyone to buddy to mine (just hit the "Contact me" page).

    HOWEVER: It's probably best if i don't initiate buddying because my blog does have some adult content (complete with a sticky warning post). It's not all though, wander around and see what you can find. But at least folk can decide first whether it's a blog they'd be happy to buddy with.

  13. Why am I your only buddy!?

  14. theprattlingsofseverin

    Probably because i don't actually ask anyone because my blog's got some adult content. But i'm happy for anyone to be blog buddies if they want to be.

  15. It's also probably because severin isn't able to link the blog to the screen name and I am assuming that's because of adult material.

  16. theprattlingsofseverin

    Oh hell, it WAS linked. Not sure what's happened, but certainly no-one's had the courtesy to tell me if they've changed something on my behalf.

    And i can't remember how to link it again.

  17. theprattlingsofseverin

    Anyway the blog is at :

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