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    Blogstreet has a revamped website now and has this under blog buzzing for wordpress:-

    Go to folder WORDPRESS_HOME/wp-content/themes/default.
    Open index.php for editing.
    Search for string “Posted in” in the file.
    You will find this in html paragraph tag which display’s category and comments for a post.
    Just before the paragraph tag closes () paste the following code
    Save the file.
    Now open the archive.php file available under same directory.
    Follow instruction 3 to 6 for this.
    Check the url of the post and confirm if display is correct.

    Can somebody please tell me wher exactly where exactly wp-content/themes dfault is? Thanks in advance.

    I would also appreciate guidance on inserting the technorati code.



    I’m sorry, we’re using shared themes and you can’t modify the html or PHP at all.

    For the Technorati code the best you can do on is to do it manually. has an instruction on how to do this.





    Blogstreet is discussing WordPress blogs, not blogs. As Cornell mentions, we do not have access to editing out theme files here as we’re on a shared environment and if you were able to edit them, you would be editing everybody’s blog.



    When you claim your blog with technorati they give you a code and tell you to place it in a post on your blog. I just did this recently with a new blog and had no problem at all – the technorati spiders found it in short order.



    We don’t know that. We don’t know which Tech. code he or she is trying to add in.

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