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Blog by Phone is not showing on smartphone

  1. I searched the forum and the support site and did not see info on what I need in order to listen to a blog by phone entry on a website using the Opera 9.7 browser on my Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 (Windows Mobile 6.2). I use Opera for all my browser needs on my smartphone, but it does not seem to work with Blog by Phone entries on my wordpress site. When I look at the post on my site, I do not see the audio portion at all (ie, nothing to click - can't even see it). The audio post does work if I use the Windows Internet Explorer browser though, so it is possible on my smartphone. Will I have to use IE to view my blog site or is there a way to get Opera to work with the audio link? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help until we know which post you're talking about.

  3. This post contains a Post by Voice entry:
    Using Opera browser on my smartphone the buttons to click to listen to it are not displayed.

  4. Well it's not likely that we Volunteers can be helpful in this regard.
    The only information we have is and
    Here's the contact link for Staff

  5. Currently, audio embeds on (including Post by Voice) require Flash.

  6. Thanks Markel - Bookmarked! :)

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