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  1. I know we can create our own categories, but could we have a new category? I feel that sustainable living or the environment or something along those lines would be a category that suits my blog better than, maybe craft and home? So yes, is there a way to request a new category for blogs on WordPress, please and thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For clarity be aware of the fact that does not create Categories. All blogger choose which Categories and/or Tag they assign to their posts. Categories and Tags are treated the same by search engines so don't duplicate them.

    Please read this entry and this section of it carefully.

  3. I meant the topics that our blogs are placed under, but I will read that as it might be in there, thanks :)

  4. The Topics are the Categories and Tags that bloggers assign to their posts. They are not assigned by You're welcome and best wishes.

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