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Blog comes up as an incorrect word according to spellcheck on here

  1. You may want to have someone fix that. It is rather ironic on a blogging site they could let that slip through.

  2. Are you saying the word "blog" comes up as a misspelling? Funny it never has for me.

  3. Yes, I found it very ironic. It is odd that it isn't happening to you. Did you hit Ignore All possibly?

  4. Most browsers today have spellcheckers and check as you type. There is also the spellchecker in the Visual Rich Text Editor in, but when I went to it and typed in blog and then told it to check spelling, it said "blog" was spelled correctly. Not sure what is happening on your end. Right click on it, select "add or learn" and move on with your blogging would be my suggestion.

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